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Does your bathroom need an update? We can help you. When getting a bathroom remodel Charlotte NC project done, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind to avoid causing any kinds of mistakes or being surprised by some unforeseen expenses. You need to have a clear plan of what changes you need to have made in your bathroom before the work even begins. To do this, you should work with a team of some bathroom remodeling Charlotte NC contractors, who have had experience in the type of work you want to get done in order to ensure that you are not taken aback by anything once the work is begun. You should be aware if the plumbing needs to be moved around, since that would cause other things to move around and before you know it, you need to move walls to incorporate your big decisions. While working with some good bathroom remodel Charlotte NC contractors, these situations can be taken care of during the design process.

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bathroom remodeling charlotte nc bathroom remodel charlotte nc bathroom remodel charlotte

When designing your bathroom, it is imperative that you are aware of the layout and the spacing of your bathroom. Not doing so will result in big mistakes, like the bathroom layout not meeting the building codes in your city or county, and failing the inspections by the city. Most bathroom remodeling Charlotte NC contractors are aware of the required building codes and can help you prepare the layout of the bathroom accordingly. If you choose to remodel the bathroom yourself, make sure you are aware of the codes of your city or county, which can easily be found online. Once you have prepared the plumbing, make sure you schedule an appointment with your city or county inspector before moving forward. Doing so at this stage will help the inspector clearly see all the layouts and would get rid of any wastage of time you might incur if your layout does not follow the city or county codes.


Although while thinking about getting your bathroom remodeled, you might be thinking about the flooring options, the type of shower you have in your bathroom could also play an important role in increasing the look and feel of your bathroom. There are a lot of types of shower options for you to choose from when talking to your Charlotte bathroom remodel contractors. To make sure you end up selecting the right type of shower for your bathroom, it is important that you already have some basic information about the types of showers available in the market. Whether your bathroom needs a complete gut update or just a simple cosmetic face lift, we are here to provide you with high quality and affordable solutions.  Contact us today to get fast and reliable help from the top company for superior bathroom remodel Charlotte NC solutions.

bathroom remodeling charlotte nc bathroom remodel charlotte nc bathroom remodel charlotte
bathroom remodeling charlotte nc bathroom remodel charlotte nc bathroom remodel charlotte

One important aspect of the bathroom that people often tend to forget while designing is the slipperiness of the floor and other surfaces. You might want to make sure that you are able to incorporate anti-slip surfaces in places which are more prone to water, like standing shower floors or the floor surrounding the bathtub or sink. This helps make your bathroom future-proof, making sure no one goes through the hazard of slipping in your bathroom and falling down on your bathroom’s floor. Most bathroom remodeling Charlotte NC contractors will sit with you and help you come up with some creative ideas to make your bathroom more future-proof. Having a clear plan will also allow you to prepare your budget and schedule and be ready for the big expenses, if any, that may be coming up soon.

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While designing your new bathroom, one thing you need to decide upon is the amount of storage space you need. If you are happy with the current storage space you have, no problem. However, most homeowners nowadays look towards maximizing the space they have. Your bathroom remodel Charlotte NC contractors can come up with designs based on your needs and your bathroom space. You would be surprised to see the ingenious designs that contractors come up with nowadays!

Shower enclosures are instantly recognized by any person who has watched bathroom commercials on their televisions. These are considered very luxurious and are a dream for many homeowners to have. Their enclosed design within the bathroom itself gives them the design edge that makes them so appealing. Most shower enclosures have a lay-down shower head to make sure you enjoy a warm, comfortable bath with the water falling gently over your head, while covering your entire body. This makes them one of the classiest shower options there is.


Similar to shower enclosures, are the cubicle showers. What makes them different from the standard shower enclosures is the fact they have body jets in them. These are even more luxurious than having shower enclosures and are envied by many. Careful planning with a good Charlotte bathroom remodeling contractor is required to ensure you have enough space and water speed to incorporate this kind of a shower in your bathroom. The jets in the cubicle make sure that your entire body is cleaned thoroughly and is rid of any dirt or any soap that could have been left over, had you not had them. The pressure of the jets, however, is adjustable so as to incorporate the varying needs of different users, should you have any guests having a nice bath in your luxurious bathroom.


The rainfall shower is a common choice in a lot of bathrooms. Most rainfall showers can be incorporated in the ceiling itself. However, you might want to discuss such requirements with your Charlotte bathroom remodel contractor to make sure it can actually be done. If your plumbing line does not allow for the shower to be incorporated in the ceiling, you can get a normal shower installed in your bathroom, and just change the head to a rainfall shower for a close enough experience. Rainfall shower heads are easily available in most hardware and online stores for a very low price.


It is difficult to imagine technology with water for the fear of electrical hazards. However, with the current technological advancements, you can now get computerized showers that can also be smart. You can connect your shower with your smart home system to make sure that your shower turns on and the water is at your preferred temperature even before you step your foot in the bathroom itself. Some smart showers can also accurately focus on different body parts and can be customized per your preference. These showers however, are some of the most expensive options out there and can end up causing a fortune. If you choose to get these installed anyways, make sure to have a discussion with your Charlotte bathroom remodeling contractor to ensure electrical safety in your bathroom.


Bathtubs are some of the objects in your bathroom that not only are a piece of attraction to your bathroom, but are also one of the most used objects. However, if you contact some bathroom remodeling Charlotte NC contractors, they will inform you about the many different types of bathtubs available nowadays, which could easily make you overwhelmed. It is important that you have at least a little information about the types of bathtubs before you start talking with a bathroom remodel Charlotte NC contractor, so you know what they are talking about when a discussion is going on.


Some of the most common bathtubs in residential environments are the alcove bathtubs. These types of bathtubs provide the common combination of a bathtub and a shower in the same space. Their amazing use of a small space is what makes them so popular in most homes and apartments, and their use of three walled spaces makes them a beloved choice for bathrooms with small spaces. The average standard length of such bathtubs is about five feet with some variations being anywhere between 4 to 6 feet depending on your requirements. A good bathroom remodel Charlotte NC contractor can provide more information to you about the length of the bathtub you should opt for.


Drop in bathtubs are another common option seen in most bathroom remodeling Charlotte NC projects nowadays. Undermount bathtubs or deck mounted bathtubs are other names these might be known by. Although they do not need any wall support for them to stay upright, these bathtubs usually are placed on built up structures that provide them with the support they need. Since these require virtually no walls, these have a freedom in shape and curves, and can be easily installed in the middle of the room, which makes the bathroom look more ahead of its time and luxurious. However, it is difficult to fit such bathtubs in small spaces and require larger areas than that required by the alcove bathtubs.

A lot of bigger bathrooms and luxurious homes see the installation of free-standing bathtubs. These bathtubs need no support whatsoever, and can be installed anywhere in the bathroom. If present, these are usually the main attraction of a bathroom. The only drawback to having such bathtubs in your bathroom is that the water line needs to be cleverly hidden in the floor, or needs to be embraced cleverly since there is no structure surrounding the bathtub to hide the water lines. You can discuss with your bathroom remodel Charlotte NC contractors about ways to hide your water and other plumbing lines.


Sunken bathtubs have seen increasing over the recent years. These bathtubs are usually found in luxurious homes, and need proper pre-planning when the bathroom is remodeled. This is because these are installed in the floor of the bathtub rather than being on top of them and thus, the bathroom needs to be prepared accordingly. A home remodel is one of the best investments you can make in your property, as it often adds equity to your home, increasing its value, and allowing you to list your property for a higher sales price when it comes time to put it on the market. For this reason, you want to work with a licensed team you can trust. With that in mind, we invite you to contact our team of licensed experts so you can enjoy fast, professional, reliable, and safe service from the premier Charlotte bathroom remodeling company.

Choosing the right material for your bathtub is as important as choosing the right type of bathtub. Cast iron and acrylic are some of the most common materials used for bathtubs due their durability and longevity. However, while acrylic bathtubs are light and cost less, cast iron bathtubs usually weigh much more and are also the more expensive options. We invite you to reach out to us for quality results and superior customer care. Remodeling your home is a great investment, and you definitely want to work with a team that guarantees that the job will be done right the first time, so you don't have to worry about spending money on fixing the same issue down the road. With us, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your renovation project is in expert hands. Call us today and get rapid and reliable service from the number ne company for high quality bathroom remodeling Charlotte NC solutions. We can help you with the following services:  bath remodel, bath remodelers near me, bath remodel contractors, bath remodeling, bath remodeling contractors, renovations bath, bath renovation, kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors, kitchen and bath remodeling companies, kitchen and bath remodeling contractors, kitchen and bath remodeling near me, kitchen and bath remodeling companies near me, remodeling bath shower, bath and shower remodel, bathroom renovators, bathroom renovation services, bathroom remodelers near me, bathroom remodel near me, bathroom remodeling near me, local bathroom remodelers, bathroom contractors near me, find bathroom remodel contractor, bathroom contractors, bathroom remodelers, bathroom remodeling contractors, bathroom remodel contractors, bathroom makeover, bathroom renovations near me, bathroom renovation companies, bathroom remodel contractors near me, bathroom remodeling contractors near me, bathroom renovators near me, bathroom remodel contractor, bathroom remodelling contractors, bathroom remodel companies, bathroom remodeling companies, bathroom refinishing, bathroom renovation company, complete bathroom renovations, bathroom reconstruction, bathroom renovation, complete bathroom remodel, remodeled bathroom, bathroom renovation ideas, bathtub remodel service, restroom remodel, remodeling restroom, remodel shower, shower renovation, shower remodeling, shower remodel contractors, shower remodel, bathroom shower remodel, shower remodels. We invite you to get in touch with our licensed experts to receive a free no obligation evaluation. We pride ourselves on our steadfast commitment to excellence and promise to do the job right the first time. Contact us today and get fast and reliable help from the number one Charlotte bathroom remodeling company.